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Hello my name is Lydia, I am 7 years old and I need a Kidney transplant.  I love to dance and sing.  My two favorite singers are Katy Perry and Taylor Swift. I have been sick since August of 2014 with an auto immune disorder. I was weak, tired, had blood seeping from my bowels and extreme weight loss. Though my parents took me to the doctor repeatedly, insisting that something was wrong, I went undiagnosed until January 2015 and began treatment for Ulcerative Colitis. After several doctor appointments and medication, the UC went into remission but continued blood screenings to monitor my chemistry panel.

It was discovered in August of 2015 that something was not right with my kidney function. Labor Day weekend I was admitted to Riley Children's Hospital and I had a biopsy performed. I spent the entire day in bed where I was required to lay flat on my back to prevent internal bleeding from the procedure. The next three days in the hospital I was given super strength IV steroids. Because I initially showed improvement from the steroids, I was sent home on Labor Day afternoon. However, since that day no improvements have been visible in my lab work, although I’ve still been taking large doses of steroids daily.

Now I am only showing signs of the side effects (such as weight gain, puffy face, very emotional and not sleeping through the night) with no improvement showing in kidney function levels.

Therefore, medications are now being decreased slowly and a projected time line for the Kidney Transplant is in the works. The genetic testing results determined I have Nephronophthisis. Which means there is likely no chance of the Kidney disease returning in the "new" donated kidney.

My Parents Paula and David are working hard and trying to provide me with the best care they can but sometimes they need help. My forth coming medical needs are exceedingly expensive with the transplant surgery, anti rejection medications, doctor visits/check ups and the hospital stay.

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