Shindig, Fitness Saturday, and Movie Night--Oh My!

Yes Folks--Team Lydia has enjoyed some very fun events and met some very supportive people.  First off, the Sumerlin Trails Annual Summer Shindig took place on Friday evening June 23.  Team Lydia had a table and received some very generous donations from the neighborhood. Big THANK YOU to Sumerlin Trails management team especially April Stegeman for allowing us to set up a table in support of Lydia.  You must check out the pics of Lydia doing the bungee jumper activity!

Fitness Saturday was held in the Fishers neighborhood of Tanglewood. Instructors led PiYo and friends and neighbors came to join and get their morning workouts in for a good cause!  Our very own Team Lydia PR gal, Carrie Devine-Ransom led the 10:30-noon class.  Go Carrie!

A special Outdoor Movie Night was held this past Friday night, July 14, in the backyard of Carrie Devine-Ransom's house.  What a setup?!  Many eager and helpful Kohl's staff was on hand to assist with the festivities. Free popcorn and lemonade was offered while you sat under the stars and enjoyed Disney Pixar Short films!  If you missed, you missed out sorry to say!!  



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